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In short, no. Launchpath is a reputable tech consultancy confluence of entrepreneurs, startup founders, consultants, marketing and business strategists and immigration lawyers on a mission to help innovators and entrepreneurs from across the world expand to Canada.

We have a team of legal and immigration advisors with 20+ yrs of experience who strive to offer entrepreneurs a smooth path in their journeys to establishing their businesses in Canada. Our team will help you to get a letter of approval to get a head start on your journey.

Moving to a new country could strain your time and resources, here at Launchpath we strive to help immigrant entrepreneurs navigate the immigration journey smoothly. Whether you are establishing your startup or expanding your business to Canada, rather than giving you advice on what to do, we take it a step further to help you get there. Our team has over 20 years of experience in directing entrepreneurs to right Venture Capitalists or Angel Investors, raising investments, taking products to market, and helping families move and settle in Canada.

We categorize our services into four different services:
Startup: We support startups in areas such as advisory, planning, and launching
Scale up: As your business grows, you’ll likely need additional services to keep things running smoothly
Turnkey Services: Our turnkey solution services include everything you need to get started
Partner: Partnership services can save you thousands of hours and connect you with the most trusted professionals in your industry

Yes! Currently we offer expansion services into the following countries: United States of America, Portugal, France, United Kingdom & Australia. All the countries listed can accept entrepreneurs as immigrants to their country.

We begin by learning everything about your business and industry.
Our team will conduct a market research on your industry and feasibility in Canada. Then we connect you to subject domain experts in your industry and our immigration lawyers will advise you on different immigration programs that you might fit in.

Great! To begin, please click here to fill out an intake form and we will get in touch with you or, get in touch with us at [email protected].

We understand bringing your great ideas into a powerful startup requires raising capital. Depending on your business, our Grants and Funding experts will advise you on securing your business’s funding.

You can contact us via email or this form, and we will schedule a discovery call with you to start on your great idea.

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LaunchPath provides commercialization services for entrepreneurs and startups. We are a team of ex Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs (ONE) and Regional Innovation Centre advisors.

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